MUNIM-JI ERP is an easy to operate Accounting Software includes Excise Calculations...

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NEWSace is the Newspaper and Media Accounting Expert that is sensitive...

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CAMPUS stands for Computer Accounting and Managing Package for Upcoming Schools...

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About Us

Dhona Compusoft Consultant was established in the year 1991 with an aim of providing the best services in the Software Industry. Since then we have been serving our clients through various softwares like MUNIM-JI ERP (Accounting Package), NEWSACE (Newspaper Accounting Expert), CAMPUS (For Educational Institutions), NVEST (Investment Application Software), MONEYWARE (Financial Application)

Corporate House

We have been in the I.T industry for the past 20 years, serving people at every step and making their lives smoother through computerisation. With the growing demand from our customers we have ventured into the hardware business also. We have expanded our quality services in the hardware industry through Corporate AMC.

Future Planning

Future plans include establishing branches at different locations according to business expansion, in order to assist our clients with greater efficiency. A branch office at Tirupur (Tamil Nadu) has already been established and has been functioning since 5th October 2003. The office looks after the marketing, traning & support for the southern region of India, covering Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka & Andhra Pradesh.