MUNIMJI ERP is an easy to operate Financial Accounting Software that fulfils the needs of basic financial accounting as well as managerial level information. What makes MUNIMJI ERP a complete accounting package is its capacity to meet the statutory needs of Income Tax, VAT, Service Tax, TDS and eTDS, Excise c-form, FBT and Waybill. This software comes with the facility of personalized training and complete life-long support.. more

NEWSace is the Newspaper and Media Accounting Expert that is sensitive to the needs of ABC (Audit Bureau of Circulation), RNI (Registrar of News for India) and INS (The Indian Newspaper Society). This software is meant for all kinds of publications, be it daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly, and keeps track of complete accounts for publication houses. This efficient manager maintains record of details like separate billing for charged copies, subscribed copies and Complimentary / Free copies etc., and can manage multiple publications as well.. more

CAMPUS stands for Computer Accounting and Managing Package for Upcoming Schools & colleges. The needs of schools, colleges and other educational institutes are multifaceted, and this GUI (Graphical User Interface / WINDOWS) based, 32-bit application has been designed accordingly, for their convenience. The Database is fully secured and protected.. more

nVEST is India’s first Investment software for the entire family that helps you prepare your own income tax and service tax statement in minutes. This software presents the grand summary of the Investment, Income and TDS for each family member and further allows you to drill to the lowest detail. It lets you watch your income from investments grow over the years, and compare it with targeted income, reminds you to pay premiums, informs you of maturities, redemption, interests due, and so on. It is incredibly simple..¬†more
MONEY WARE 2000 is the Complete Financial Software that controls your finances and manages your investments and financial accounts. The in-built tax planner helps you plan your taxes to save the most, and also gives the status of the stocks held in physical or demat form. You can also create your own invoices, maintain inventory, access business reports, manage banking, prepare customer statements and analyse your business.. more